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As a young girl in an all girls Catholic school in Nashville, Tennessee, the nuns encouraged Deerie’s obvious talent until she drew Elvis Presley’s on her classmates’ knees. When they wiggled their knees they had a chorus line of gyrating Elvis-es. For this display of vulgarity, Deerie was promptly expelled. Her creative works have caused a commotion ever since.

Each of Deeries works tells a story, drawing her viewer into the setting inviting one to contemplate the details and solve the mystery. Every Deerie possesses a recognizable style that has been compared to Edward Hooper., “only sexier” said Burt Reynolds. Her images and themes range from recognizable Nashville city night life to Parisian cafes and Cathedral interiors.

She has been commissioned by Governor McWherter, Burt Reynolds for his movie “The Producer”, Gaylord Entertainment, American General Corp., as well as Ann-Margret for the movie “Follow Your Heart”.

The Year was 1975, under the direction of Bud Wendall, Opryland theme park had aquired the famous German Carousel, from the Black Forest of Germany, one of the oldest carousels in the world,  and the only one of its kind. Opryland was  faced with the dilemma of finding someone who  could restore the Rococo masterwork paintings and ornate cherubs that adorn the carousel. It was Kathleen Deerie Carlton’s art history knowledge and expertise in fine art that won her  the overwhelming task of preparing the Carousel for the public viewing. Soon afterward,  a devastating flood  made her responsibilities and position with Opryland theme park permanent. She stayed on to become assist art Director for the park and continued to look after the art works of the carousel as well as designing and illustrating much of the look and atmosphere of everything related to  Opryland USA.

In 1992 she opened the White Tiger Art Gallery in Nashville, on West End ave. Deerie opened her studio overlooking Broadway accross from the (Frist Center) Art Museum while serving as president of the Tennessee Art League.

Today Deerie’s works maybe seen at the Belle Meade Plantation, Hermitage Hotel, The Southern Steak and Oyster, First Tennessee Bank, and many other prominent locations in Nashville as well as in numerous private collections throughout the U.S. and abroad.

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Interior Design


Kathleen was the owner and operator of White Tiger Gallery. For nearly two decades she has enjoyed working with artists and decorators to help them achieve the desired results for their movie shoots, home or commercial projects.

Ann Margret


Kathleen Deerie Carlton has created many commisioned portraits such as this one, for a movie project for the Academy Nominated actress and five time Golden Globe winner Ann Margret.

Women of intrigue


The artist Deerie has developed a reputation for creating memoriable pieces highlighting feminene beauty. Raised Irish Catholic the name Deerie derives from the Northern Ireland territory known today as London -Derry. Or as any Irishman would say" Derry". 

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